Splinters of Sunshine

The Luminous Novel
The Luminous Novel
I know I’ve just posted a blog on books for July 2021 but I’m trying to get this recommend post out a couple of months in advance so here’s August’s and I’m now going to be working on September’s if there are any books you want me to highlight.

As always these are my personal favourite upcoming books.

The Luminous Novel by Mario Levero, trans. Annie McDermott

This sounds fascinating, a study in procrastination and in a scenario we can really relate to. I’ve read a couple of books translated by Annie McDermott and she has a wonderful touch, I’ve also really enjoyed And Other Stories work in the past.

Great Cities: Their History and Culture

A stunning looking DK book that goes all out to show the subject visually and with a lot of explanation of these images. I’ve got quite a few of. thesee style of books and all are great at doing what they set out to do, nothing greatly in depth but an entertaining read.

Small Bodies of Water by Nina Mingya Powles

A collection of essays from an award winning nature writer exploring bodies of water and looking at what they mean personally, socially, and culturally. I’ve actually preordered this one already as I’m so looking forward to it.

The Wild Before by Piers Torday

Really looking forward to this prequel to The Last Wild trilogy. I’m trying to be as spoiler free and not reading anything about it as I want it to be lovely and fresh.

The Raven Heir by Stephanie Burgess

Always love a good shapeshifting story, especially at the 9-12 age range, and this medieval fantasy sounds perfect.

Splinters of Sunshine by Patrice Lawrence

The little of the story so far sounds fascinating and that’s great but it wouldn’t matter if there were no hints as Patrice Lawrence is an author who I buy all that’s written as soon as it comes out.

Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald

Nice to see this coming out in paperback, wonderful collection of nature essays. I really enjoyed this in audiobook and will be getting it for the shelves as soon as it comes out.

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