Wayland Babes

Judi Daykin. Hobeck Books. (173p) ISBN 9781913793500
Wayland Babes
Wayland Babes

I was asked to join in with the book tour for Wayland Babes and was really glad I could accept.

Published by Hobeck Books, Judi Daykin’s ghost stories are set in Norfolk and hark back to the tale of Babes in the Wood, but these two babes never met any robins.

We are treated to ghostly five hauntings, each preceded by a part of the traditional verse of the myth which was published as a broadside ballad in 1595, and developed into the popular panto much later on.

These hauntings take place over a couple of hundred years and seem to take the period they are set into account in the style of ghost story telling, but for the most part had a feel of gothic ghost stories to it, full of upcoming doom but you never really know who to.

Judi does a great job of building up tension and expectation in each episode, keeping the flow all the way to the outcome. This made the read really easy and enjoyable, I was gripped enough to read this in just a day (didn’t do much else though).

Loved how the story built from the myth of the Babes and added to the depth of it, another layer of suspense and ghostly tension.

Overall a great read, well structured and executed, with enough suspense to have you on the edge of your seat.

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