Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler
Hannah Peck. Piccadilly Press. (164p) ISBN 9781800780132

Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler
Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler
I was given the first in the series out of the blue by the publisher and I liked it so much that when I found out there was a second coming out I had to ask for a copy to read and review.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

The Call of the Silver Wibbler is as fun and fast-paced as the first book in the series, and Hannah’s illustrations still compliment the story wonderfully and are full of energy and humour.

In this story Kate has been asked to write a review for The Lookout Post by her hero, Catherine Rodríguez, but there just seems to be way too much SHRIMP! but her dad does seem in his element and enjoying himself.

She want’s something exciting to happen, as does Rupert, anything but more shrimp…

As it happens she gets caught up in the search for the most elusive bird, The Silver Wibbler, makes new friends, foils dastardly plots, and follows her true reporters instincts.

I loved this book, another beautiful little book from Hannah Peck, and I’m leaves me wanting to read more from Hannah and Kate.

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