Susie Bower, Francesca Gambatesa. Pushkin Press. (32p) ISBN 9781782693154

Just received Shoo! this morning from Pushkin Press, I had asked for a copy to review as I loved the cover art and the idea of a grumpy person being surrounded by animals they didn’t want there.

The cover for some reason gave me very Enda Mode vibes and I think that’s what made it visually catching for me.

The story is about a person who really doesn’t like animals, doesn’t like disruption, doesn’t like MESS who gets overrun by the animals from the new zoo that moves in next door…

A lovely simple rhyming scheme keeps us moving through the story at a good pace, and I’m looking forward to using it as a story time book at the shop, doing all the noises and tone changes that it implies, there is a nice little bit of toilet humour for kids of all ages to enjoy.

It reminds me a bit of the Oi! rhyming scheme and a bit of Alone! but is a beautiful story in its own right, showing we can all change and that change isn’t bad.

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