Snapshots of the Apocalypse

Katy Wimhurst. Fly on the Wall Press. (102p) ISBN: 9781913211677
Snapshots of the Apocalypse
Snapshots of the Apocalypse

I’ve had this on my wish list since the start of the year as it sounded intriguing.

Finally got around to it and it was worth the wait, a small collection of short stories all with a post-apocalyptic theme to them.

Unusually, for me, they were all good with no filler stories to pad the collection out.

Starting with a story about a dystopian future where the rain was described as different prime ministers ‘Johnson – deceptively lightweight but soaked you through and through.’ and ending with a story about Nowhere, a place that pulls you in an sucks all the life out of you and really doesn’t want to let you go.

Each story tells of a different possible facet of life changed in unknown ways in the future, but all speak to your heart of what’s happening today, now, in all our lives.

This is especially true of ‘Knitting to Oblivion’, where pieces of the world are disappearing, nothing is stable, all is subject to change and we end up looking into a void, a void which could possibly be better than where we are now.

I really enjoyed this collection and throughly recommend it to those who like speculative fiction that makes you think.

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