Think Like a Street Photographer
Matt Stuart. Orion Publishing. (128p) ISBN 9781786277282

Think Like a Street Photographer
Think Like a Street Photographer
This was one of the books that I got on a visit to the Baltic in Gateshead a little while back.

I thought I would get this as I loved Matt Stuarts photo that was on the front of the book Street Photography Now, the one of the marching pigeon, and the cover photo of this book was fun!

A fun little book broken down into short but informative chapters on various aspects of street photography and how Matt approaches them.

The best bit about the book is that he gives you no ‘rules’ just some tips on how he works and what works for him and lets you run with the ideas.

From ‘Think Lucky, Be Lucky’ where he talks about a positive attitude in looking for photographs all the way to ‘The Last Word’ talking about striving and pushing yourself, this is full of really helpful thoughts that I’m going to try and fold into my own practice.

The whole is supported so well with great examples of his own work, highlighting what he is trying to explain in a visual manner.

A lovely little book that can be carried in your bag and referenced when having a cup of coffee and thinking about what and where next when out and about with your camera.

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