Prey (2022)



I’ve been counting down the weeks until this arrived, and watching all the other Predator films (yes, even AvP: Requiem) whilst waiting, and had such high hopes for this new addition to the franchise.

It’s always so good when a film really delivers on all the hype and promise that the build up brings, this is definitely the best in the franchise even though I still have a huge soft spot for Arnie’s testosterone-fuelled 80s original.

Dan Trachtenburg and Jeff Cutter bring a wonderful vision to the screen. With a muted palette and great vistas this has a feel of a western in the old epic style. With a lot of the brighter colours only coming out in the clashes with the predator as counterpoints to the muted countryside.

These clashes also counterpoint the considered character building which helps you to invest in them rather than throwing a pile of cardboard characters at the predator to be chewed up and dispatched in humorous and gory fashion.

Talking about characters, Amber Midthunder is convincing in this action role, swinging into the various confrontations with wildlife, trappers, fellow Comanche, and the Predator with a balletic ease that wouldn’t be out of place in a John Wick film.

I have no knowledge or experience of representation of Native American culture but it didn’t feel exploitative and felt understanding.

My only disappointment is that I didn’t get to see this in the cinema.

Prey | August 5, 2022 (United States) 7.3


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