The Red Red Dragon

Lynne Reid Banks, Kristina Kister. Walker Books. (368p) ISBN: 9781529507799

The Red Red Dragon
The Red Red Dragon
I’ve been really lucky in the books I’ve been approved for on NetGalley recently and this by Lynne Reid Banks is no exception.

I was initially drawn to it by the beautiful cover by Kristina Kistner as it took a while for it to sink in who had written it and then I just had to get it as I loved her previous work.

We are taken to a world of dragons and uprights, where the uprights have been driven from the mainland after years of war between the species and the dragons are now a caring, peaceful community who solve all problems with conversation and debate, but there is a problem and this needs to be solved quickly or everything will change for dragon society.

This society could be set in our future where the climate emergency has continued apace and humans have developed other species as natural ones went extinct and the heat had helped to develop the dragon species.

Red is the only dragon of that colour and also seems to have the capacity to think thoughts that others of his kind can’t, but more than that he is at the core of some legends that will help the future for them all.

Red and his family progress through a range of different adventures throughout the book to succeed at the mission that has been entrusted to them, and we follow Red as he grows and develops his thinks and his skills.

The developments that move the story on are really well written and executed and we’re always cheering them on to stay true to dragon culture and help the world change for the better. The story is wonderfully supported by illustrations from Kristina Kister. A wonderful book full of warmth and hope.

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