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Meet the Author
Meet the Author
After writing the post for the new Illustrator Interview series I realised that I haven’t actually got an introductory post about the Author Interview series.

The author q&a has been running for almost a year now and on Friday 6th of January 2023 the 50th interview will be added to the blog.

There are still about ten interviews in the pipeline but I’m always on the lookout for more authors who would like to be involved so please contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s a list of questions, just answer what you want and feel comfortable with and feel free to adapt where necessary  🙂

The finished Q&A will go on my blog with a link from the newsletter.

  • Tell me what inspired you to write your (debut) novel?
  • What came first the characters or the world?
  • How hard was it to get your first (debut) book published?
  • How long did it take to write?
  • Do you have a writing playlist? If so do you want to share it?
  • How many publishers turned you down?
  • What kind of reactions have you had to your book?
  • What’s the favourite reaction you’ve had to your book?
  • What can you tell us about your next book?
  • Do you take notice of online reviews?
  • Would you ever consider writing outside your current genre?
  • What did you do before (or still do) you became a writer?
  • Which author(s) inspire you?
  • Which genres do you read yourself?
  • What is your biggest motivator?
  • What will always distract you?
  • How much (if any) say do you have in your book covers?
  • Were you a big reader as a child?
  • What were your favourite childhood books?
  • Do you have a favourite bookshop? If so, which?
  • What books can you not resist buying?
  • Do you have any rituals when writing?
  • How many books are in your own physical TBR pile?
  • What is your current or latest read?
  • Any books that you’re looking forward to in the next 12 months?
  • Any plans or projects in the near future you can tell us about?
  • Any events in the near future?
  • and finally, what inspired you to write the genre you do?

please remember to add your socials, a small bio, and a few photos and email the answers to



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