The Wildstorm Curse

Eve Wersocki Morris. Hachette Children’s. (320p) ISBN 9781444963342

The Wildstorm Curse
The Wildstorm Curse
My first children’s book of the year does mean I’ve been a wee bit remise in reading my NetGalley books.

But what a first book of the year, full of adventure and magic, the magic and power of words and adventures that only friends can get up to.

Wildstorm Curse sees a youth theatre troupe trying to put on a play that was written four hundred years ago by a witch!

Only all is not what it seems, and there are twists and turns aplenty which kept me on the edge of my seat several times, especially one major one!

We see Kallie Tamm making friends and battling not only the ancient evil that has been recently awakened but also her own inner demons. Kallie makes some great friends and discoveries throughout this adventure.

There are some really creepy bits in this story, especially The Enchanted and what could become of them if the big bad isn’t stopped. But for me the core of this book is the message of self-belief and that with good friends we can overcome so much

It was so good that I almost missed going back to the bookshop floor as I was nearing the end I was so invested in the outcome.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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