Teddy’s Midnight Adventure

Yoko Mori, trans. Cathy Hinaro. Pushkin Press. (32p) ISBN: 9781782694014

Teddy’s Midnight Adventure
Teddy’s Midnight Adventure
Received this from Immy at Bounce Marketing and I’m so glad I asked for it.

From start to finish it is entrancing, such a sweet little story about a young girl and teddy’s adventure to find his missing eye.

Such a simple little story but portrayed so well.

The palette the artist uses is simple but works with the rhythm of the story, using greyscale pencil work throughout the story with a red accent, but as they near the end of the quest the whole scene takes on a brighter tone with far more red in it.

This may be due to the cultural tradition of red being a colour of hope, strength, and peace. Also being a colour associated with scaring away evil spirits.

I love how each page is absolutely full and your eye can travel around the pictures finding lovely details and it is a beautiful story of friendship overcoming difficulties.

One of my favourite details was the bracket fungus on the tree!

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