24th January 2023

Walking Away from the Tabletop

By Stephen

It’s been 40ish years.

I’ve been involved with tabletop gaming since the early 80s, leaving the working class area where I was brought up and the only entertainment I had was football and boxing, I started hanging around with a group of middle-class college kids.

and that’s where I discovered Rogue Trader and Dungeons and Dragons and I didn’t look back…


As we all know the last threeish years have been strange for a lot of different reasons and one of the things that has happened has been that I lost touch with all my gaming friends.

This meant that I filled all that gaming time with other projects, mainly book related projects which seem to expand to fill any available time.

After a lot of thought I’m adding a shop to my Ko-Fi and I’m going to get rid of all the gaming bits that are sitting in my garage and study unloved and unused, mainly Warhammer and Malifaux.

Support Big Bearded Bookseller

Support Big Bearded Bookseller

At this point though I will be keeping all my non-DnD RPG books (and maybe trying to play online) and board games (most have a decent solo mode), but unless anything changes drastically those will probably be going the same way as the rest.

I’ve not taken this lightly but it all feels very superfluous at the moment and it could all be converted into a decent Mac Air at the very least.

Now just to find the time to get on with this!

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