Tiny Fox and Great Boar: Dawn

Berenika Kolomycka. Oni Press. (64p) ISBN: 9781637152058

Tiny Fox and Great Boar: Dawn
Tiny Fox and Great Boar: Dawn
My head has been in the bin recently and again I’ve been unable to read so thought let’s read an illustrated book and I like the cover art for this one so went here first.

I wasn’t disappointed as the art work throughout the book is stunningly beautiful and kept track with the tone of the book throughout, getting darker or lighter as needed.

The story is about two friends, tiny fox and great boar, continuing to explore the world and generally having a great time of it all, frolicking through forests and plains until they come upon a marsh.

In it they make a new friend with the nymph form of a mayfly who is looking forward to becoming a mayfly, but fox and boar don’t fully understand the lifecycle of a mayfly.

This book explores the meaning of death, loss, grief, and growth in a straightforward yet beautiful manner.

It shows that life is different for all of us and we should celebrate each others lives whilst realising we will miss them and that though we may be left behind the memories of others will always be there.

Warm and uplifting whilst also being truthful about death.

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