Chilling with Ghosts

Insha Fitzpatrick, Lilla Bölecz. Quirk Books. (128p) ISBN 9781683693451

Chilling with Ghosts
Chilling with Ghosts
Late last year I read “Hanging With Vampires” which is coming out at the end of this March (2023) and thought it was a fun and informative little book about the supernatural.

Written in a chatty, breezy style hits approaches the idea of ghosts in a way that acknowledges all the different sides of the debate, real or not.

Like the first in the series it also explores different cultures view on ghosts and on how people were buried and treated after they died.

It also looks at fiction and how ghosts are portrayed in the mass media and historically, but one of the most important parts of what the book talks about is dealing with loss and grief and that these htings do happen and their natural as are your feelings.

It’s very light on content but it has fun little snippets about how to make slime and different recipes throughout.

Overall a nice quick read and introduction to the idea of ghosts.

I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for and honest review.

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