The Princess with the Blazing Bottom

Beach. Simon & Schuster. (32p) ISBN 9781471197284

The Princess with the Blazing Bottom
The Princess with the Blazing Bottom
The latest in the “A Very Fiery Fairy Tale” series from Beach and I always feel so privileged when I get sent a copy to read and talk about, especially such fun books.

This continues the adventures of Sir Wayne and Dragon, brave and fearless and full of parp!

This sees Sir Wayne and Dragon going to the rescue of a princess in a tower, Sir Wayne with his sword of Dragon with his bottom of flame and they both think they are the perfect hero and will be. the one to rescue the princess.

Who will be right, who will do the rescuing, why has the monster three eyes, all these questions will be answered in this fun and colourful addition to the series.

Beach’s illustrations once again really bring the story to life with lots to explore on the page and the pace perfectly set between words and images.

Another book I’ll be using for storytimes at the shop as who doesn’t like blazing bottoms?

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