Can I Come Too

Owen Davey. Rocket Bird Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781915395009
Can I Come Too
Can I Come Too

As soon as I saw the cover for this book I really wanted to have a proper look at it, I was lucky to be sent a copy for review.

I received the hard back version and there is a sculptural quality to the cover that fits with the block shape style of illustration, really lovely to feel.

The story is one of sibling bears where the youngest bear wants to tag along with the older sibling, and through the enthusiasm, rather than malice, of the younger one things keep going wrong and the older bear keeps getting frustrated and angry.

The story explores these feelings well and has a lovely resolution for the siblings.

I’m still not quite sure whether the art work reminds me of 50s or 60s design aesthetics, leaning toward the 50s, but the palette is a lovely set of warm browns, fresh greens, and cool blues and make the book gorgeous to look at whilst following the story.

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