Lily Grim and the City of Undone

Andy Ruffell. Hodder. (300p) ISBN: 9781444969603

Lily Grim and the City of Undone
Lily Grim and the City of Undone
I knew as soon as Andy contacted the shop about signing this book that I wanted to read it.

Dropped a few subtle hints on Twitter and I settled down to read.

Another great book to come out of the Northern Writers’ Award and the work being done throughout the year to encourage new writing is brilliant.

Andy’s book sees us following the adventures of Lily Grim in a world of flooding, oppression, othering, them and us, scapegoating, and violence.

Lily finds out quite quickly that her life is much more than she always thought it was, secrets are slowly revealed as Lily comes to her full potential in the search for answers and Gabriel.

Fast-paced and full of intrigue, there are lots of hints dropped as to where this series may go but as an adult reading it I can see the world it is coming from and it is a great statement on a lot of current world problems.

Some great set pieces, Dekka is a great and true friend throughout who is a very Dickensian figure at heart, feels like a lot of the artful Dodger in that young man.

A great adventure with great potential for the series, looking forward to finding out where (and when) I think this world is set.

If you want a pacy, twisty, nail-biting adventure this is a great one for all.

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