Bite Risk

S.J. Wills. Simon & Schuster. (104p) ISBN: 9781398520943

Bite Risk
Bite Risk
As soon as I saw this previewed in The Bookseller I knew I wanted to have a read, and I was so pleased when I got approved for it on NetGalley.

This is the start of a new teen horror series, set in the town of Tremorglade in a post-disaster world where everyone ‘Turns’ at about the age of 14.

This is puberty on steroids, lots of hair and muscle mass, oh and teeth and claws, very sharp teeth and claws.

I was gripped from the start and as the twists and turns came throughout the book it was with reluctance that I had to put it down at the end of breaks to work I was that desperate to find out what was going to happen and whether or not my conjectures were right.

Even though most of them were right the book still didn’t disappoint but it did come to a bit of a rushed conclusion for my tastes.

A great start to a promising series and I’m looking forward to the others, sharp writing, humour, and tense action made this a great book.

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