The Best Bad Day Ever

Marianna Coppo. Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. (48p) ISBN: 9780711283336
The Best Bad Day Ever
The Best Bad Day Ever

Someone wakes up on the wrong side of bed and decides that the day is going to bad and that they will be grumpy, and for a change it wasn’t me.

A book about mood and grumpyness, about how you perceive things affecting the way that you interact with the world.

Everything can be perfect outside but that still doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset or grumpy.

The illustrations are so cute but play on the moods in the words brilliantly, and they are so good that you could get away without words.

Wolfie continues to have a bad day until something changes, Penguin is similar to Wolfie and once they team up dark clouds can’t even get in the way of a good day.

A lovely little book about mood and friendship with extremely cute illustrations throughout, perfect for pre-readers and those learning to read.

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