Rolls of £20 notes

I’m going to tell a story about something that happened when I gave up MTG for the first time, but I’m going to catch up with the gaming week first.

Still finding it a challenge returning to any sort of gaming rhythm after so long away from it all and a lot of disappointments I’ve felt with Games Workshop over the last few years and have decided to move on from all Warhammer games and concentrate on micro-RPGs, board games, and some card games.

I’ve done a bit of sorting out in the shed though and have got the gaming bits separated into two large categories. One pile are the games I’m keeping, the other (much bigger) pile are the sprues that are going to be stripped to populate the shop on Ko-Fi.

Storage Box
Storage Box
But on with the story.

This case is about 42x48cm, though the ones I had were slightly longer and could hold many more cards than these.

The first time I played Magic the Gathering was at the end of Ice Age and started really casually but it really ticked all my collecting boxes.

I then started playing quite competitively at around Invasion, going to regular tournaments and all the qualifiers, winning loads of cards and always having to have the latest tech and best decks and this meant I had thousands of cards.

A lot of them at high value, very high value as I played all formats. I had twenty of these large boxes, plus many folders, deck boxes, and other bits of storage.

Then I suddenly lost interest in the game all together and could really do with a bit of cash, so I started listing everything I had then listed it on eBay and after a few false starts it sold for a LOT of money to a gentleman from Norway.

We discussed sending it across and he realised that it would be easier and cheaper for him to bring his son with him and get the ferry to Newcastle, it would also be quicker.

We arranged to meet at the petrol station at the Durham services, so I packed up the car and with my partner we set off.

We got to the services and met the buyer, we then started to transfer the boxes across to the boot of his car. Once we had finished this I was handed rolls of £20 notes, loads of rolls, a satisfying amount of rolls.

As we were driving back with a back seat covered in these rolls of £20 notes my partner noted that all our activity would have been recorded on CCTV and that it would probably have looked extremely dodgy.

Thankfully we never had a visit from the Durham Constabulary wondering why I was selling loads of guns/rifles to a Norwegian.

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