Treasury of Folklore: Woodlands and Forests

Dee Dee Chainey, Willow Winsham. Batsford Books. (192p) ISBN 9781849946872

Treasury of Folklore: Woodlands & Forests
Treasury of Folklore: Woodlands & Forests
As a follower of #FolkloreThursday plus many of the other similar hashtags it was really pleasing to see that there were some books coming out that collected some of these into different themes.

This is the one I chose to get first, mainly because it was the one I saw first 😉

Dee Dee and Willow collect tales from around the world with the theme of trees and woodlands threading them together, what I’ve especially liked about this is that the tales are seen and presented as living breathing things that are vital and still serve to give life lessons.

I especially liked some of the more eastern European based folklore, skirting the lines of life and death, reward and punishment, often in the same being. Baba Yaga being one of my personal favourites even before this, was also good to read the possible origins of Bloody Mary and Paul Bunyan.

There are also forays out of the western world into folk tales that aren’t Eurocentric and these are making me want to explore the folk tales of these countries and societies event further.

The various tales are wonderfully supported by illustrations in the style of German woodcuts by Joe McLaren and this really helps them to come to life.

Overall a great collection of tales taking us on a tour around the woodlands and forests of the world, which makes me want to read the Seas and Rivers collection right now.

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