Calling the Whales

Jasbinder Bilan, Skylar White. Barrington Stoke. (80p) ISBN: 9781800901803

Calling the Whales
Calling the Whales
This was another book I asked NetGalley for, Jasbinder Bilan and Barrington Stoke, what could go wrong?

Absolutely nothing could go wrong! A wonderfully emotional tale of two friends on the coast of Scotland, just finishing primary school and growing up.

The core of the story is about Tulsi and Satchen saving a whale that has been entangled in cast off fishing net, but there is a lot about friendship, family, and the environment.

This is a well written story with beautiful illustrations from Skylar White that puts across an important message about how we treat those that share the planet with us and some of the things we can to do to help.

And as usual wonderful writing by Jasbinder Bilan gets the story across with great clarity and emotion.

Excellent read.

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