Amy Jeffs. Quercus Publishing. (384p) ISBN: 9781529407976

Is it wrong to say that I got this book because the cover was so beautiful, as were the internal prints?

The other reason is I’ve never really read a lot of British myths, lots of Norse and Greek, even Slavic and MesoAmerican, but not British.

This book seemed like a great introduction, written in modern english and interpreting the myths for a modern audience, perfect for the novice.

It also had lots of small chapters making it the perfect bedtime book, a small chapter before falling asleep, though after reading the first chapter I was thankful that the next day was my day off as I read the rest of it in one big sitting (beans on toast for dinner that night).

Amy Jeffs does a brilliant job of adapting these myths to modern language and sensibility, making them thrilling and fascinating in equal measure. From the very start these myths made me want to know more about where they came from and Amy lets you know as at the the end of each story there is a discussion about the myths origins.

Amy also places each story firmly within the landscape of Britain, travelling with you to the places that each was meant to have happened and describing the feel of place and history.

One of my favourites is a bit of Arthurian lore I never knew, Merlin going naked to his ex-wife’s wedding, hilarious.

I absolutely loved this book, so much so that I had to search out a signed hardback edition even though I’d already bought the paperback.

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