Make a Zine!

Joe Biel, Bill Brent. Microcosm Publishing. (160p) ISBN: 9781621067337

Make a Zine!
Make a Zine!
Picked this up a while ago as I’m fascinated by the process of making your own books from scratch.

This isn’t quite what I was thinking it was going to be which was more of a manual on making the physical object.

Which is fine as I have several books like that already and this was different, this was about the other bits of making a zine.

And it was eye-opening, the energy it takes to make a zine that goes beyond your own bedroom/workspace is fascinating, the determination and knowledge was much more than I thought it would have to be.

Joe dips into various aspects of the development of a zine from start to finish whilst also dipping into the history of zine making.

We take a journey through various subjects such as copyright, organisation structure, communities, distribution, and more. Each subject could have so much more written about it but Joe gets across a lot of information in such a small space and does it well and with passion.

Informative and fun with lots of rabbit holes to go down, really enjoyed this!

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