Questions to Ask About Magic

When thinking about adding magic to your world building, these are some questions to ask

  • Who has it?
  • Who can use it?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What does it go through?
  • Is it active? Passive? Both?
  • Is it tangible? Visible?
  • Can magic people sense magic?
  • Can non-magic people sense magic?
  • Can non-humans be or have magic?
  • Can objects be or have magic?
  • Can it be used by accident?
  • What are the consequences of using magic? Of not using it?
  • Do some things (eg causing injury, death, etc.) have greater consequences?
  • Does level/degree of use correlate to degree of consequences?
  • Does magic require a bargain (eg service to a god)?
  • Can someone lose their magic?
  • Can someone gain magic?
  • Can magic be transferred or stolen?
  • Is magic something to be turned on and off or is it always there?
  • Does a person have a limited amount of magic? Can it be replenished?
  • Does everyone’s magic manifest the same way?
  • Does everyone call upon their magic the same way?
  • Does magic require physical aids? Meditation?
  • Is strength innate or based on training? Can it change?
  • How is strength indicated?
  • Are there physical indicators of magic use?
  • Is there some sort of test to be allowed to use magic?
  • To show competency?
  • To show mastery?
  • To certify teaching?
  • Is magic tied to or antithetical to religion?
  • Must magic obey scientific principles?
  • Does magic operate the same way everywhere?
  • Does magic operate the same way on everyone/everything?
  • Is healing possible? Is it telekinetic? Time-based? Done by switching physical health?
  • Does magic require a sacrifice? Before or after? User’s or others’?
  • Is magic something a person is? Does? Uses?
  • How is magic conceptualized? Is that correct?
  • What can someone do with magic?
  • What can’t someone do with magic? Why?
  • What are ethical/moral lines that have been drawn regarding magic? How are they enforced?
  • Is belief necessary?
  • Can magic only be done at certain times or in certain places?
  • How do powerful magic users face consequences from the law?
  • Is magic something that people want to be?

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