New Opportunity

New Opportunity
New Opportunity
I had applied for something but that didn’t happen but I’ve been offered a different opportunity which sounds exciting.

So have drawn a Past/Present/Future reading using the Transient Light Tarot to see what brought me to here and what I can do to make this work.

The Past card is the Ten of Swords which really emphasises that it is my own stubbornness and inability to flex if I feel that I’m in the right and I’ll even go against my best interests if I feel this way. This has riled some people up and made it difficult for me to get what I wanted.

The Present card is the Nine of Swords, this is about me talking about how I fell about change and the anxieties and insecurities I relive when change happens if I’m not in control of it all (see stubbornness above). Even if it is one person to talk this through with to help me see how the past is still causing problems now.

The Future card is Strength, I think the phrase is ‘attract more bees with honey’. Though not exactly this it is telling me to approach this opportunity as a challenge but use my inner strength and skills to more forward and be less combative in my approach to dealing with other people, be less Swords.

This all hits home so strongly and I’ll definitely be using honey rather than…

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