Mariajo Ilustrajo. Frances Lincoln. (40p) ISBN: 9780711276796

I’ve started reusing NetGalley (got a lot to read and review as I left with so many to review) and this was the first new book I asked for as I really liked the art style of the cover.

Throughout the book we follow a town full of animals as water slowly builds up around them and the town gets flooded by inches.

A wonderful allegory for the creeping change of the climate disaster that is happening now around all of us, especially how some are more affected than others and those that are more privileged are cushioned from the worse aspects of it until the very end.

This book was very hopeful in that it believed that everyone would notice it before it was too late and group together to do something that would solve the problem before it was too late for all.

A beautifully cool art style throughout was helped with some great use of humour in the illustrations.

Perfect for the slightly older child to help explain community responsibility and the power of working together to a common goal.

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