Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman. Bloomsbury. (304p) ISBN: 9781408891957

Norse Mythology
Norse Mythology
Another of those books that’s been adorning my shelves for many months, but Norse Mythology felt like another book for these times.

I’ve read the myths referenced in this work several times from several sources, and they were enjoyable, so I was really looking forward to seeing what Neil Gaiman would do with them, especially since I wasn’t that keen on Stephen Fry’s take on the Greek myths.

Once started it was impossible to put down, they were fresh and fun whilst not detracting from the source material. Neil’s voice and tone were spot on and added a great flavour to the myths, something which has sometimes felt lost in a lot of other translations/interpretations.

Finished this in an afternoon and evening, but the tales are so well executed that they can easily be revisited again and again, especially since the ones chosen are great fun.

Another great book from Neil Gaiman which is a keeper, a rare occurrence now we’re running out of shelf space.

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