Always Take Notes

Simon Akam, Rachel Lloyd. Bonnier Books. (288p) ISBN: 9781804183182
Always Take Notes
Always Take Notes

Another book I was asked whether or not I would be interested in reading and talking about, and of course I was, it’s as though people know me…

Always Take Notes is a spin-off from the podcast and collects lots of little gems of advice from a lot of successful writers.

This advice covers several different areas of the writers experience, including research, money, and success… Some of my favourites are from the inimitable Jay Rayner.

Another great read for a bedtime as you can read one or two of the insights before dropping off, or you could do what I did and binge it over a couple of days commuting.

A very interesting read but if your looking for a thread of commonality between all these writers, the only thing they have in common is that they all had to find their own way and so will you if you wish to become a writer.

But these anecdotes will give some helpful hints if you get stuck and are extremely entertaining to read as a whole, drawing aside the curtain on authors and their lives so to say.

One to keep on the shelf and refer to for inspiration when you’re having a bad writing day.

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