The Hunting Moon

Susan Dennard. Daphne Press. (352p) ISBN: 9781837840137
The Hunting Moon
The Hunting Moon

The follow up to The Luminaries takes us into the darker shadows of Hemlock Falls and secrets come to light and where everything is not as it seems.

Winnie Wednesday returns as The Girl Who Jumped and/or The Girl Who Was Bitten, you choose but she likes neither of these as both have lots of unanswered questions which add to all the confusion and revelations at the end of The Luminaries.

We find out more about the relationship between the Luminaries and the Dianas, both groups and the spirits, and more secrets about the nightmares are revealed. Though this doesn’t make anything much clearer and adds to the growing pile of questions Winnie has.

Then there is the questions of Jay, troubled and hunky Jay, what dos Winnie feel and what does he feel, what secrets is he keeping?

The Hunting Moon takes the intrigue from The Luminaries and ramps it up all the while developing the relationships between the main players. This increase in the focus on relationships throws out lots of red herrings and possibilities whilst developing The Whisperer.

And that very last chapter left so many unanswered questions and possible answers for where Dad has been the past four years.

Another great read from Susan Denning and now waiting for the the third in the series to see where that takes us.

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