The Last Stardog

E. K. Mosley. Flying Eye Books. (64p) ISBN: 9781838741068
The Last Stardog
The Last Stardog

This is such a beautifully illustrated picture book, each page rich and with a level of detail that draws you into examining each page carefully and for a long time to find all the bits.

This is a story of The Last Stardog who is on a constant search for others like hime, protector of the stars and their realms.

In this journey Stardog travels to lots of different lands and comes across others who have their own stories and experiences to add.

The group grows throughout the travels bonded by a developing friendship though they are all from different backgrounds.

This is a lovely book about accepting friends for who they are and how they can help overcome the darkest times and together you can develop a new place for all to be comfortable.

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