Jay Stephens. Oni Press. (272p) ISBN: 9781637152911

Thanks to NetGalley and Oni Press for access to this collection of Jay Stephens Dwelling.

Absolutely loved the art style throughout the six stories, it looks so cute and fun then you actually focus in on the details and they pop! Especially loved the plant hand in “Undergrowth” 😉

Dwellings is a collections of stories in the shared environment of Elwich, a place that wasn’t meant to be settled and haunted by a mix of spirits and ghouls.

The six tales start off with such a strong kick in the form of “They Know”, corvids know, they remember, and they watch… Magnificent really enjoyed the unwinding of the story and the level of gore in such a cutesy cartoon was brilliant.

Each of the other five tales wove around the town of Elwich, growing a unique mythology and often referencing other stories within this collection. Each has a wonderful tale to tell and each drags you further into the town and populace in such a macabre way.

I could have read another several stories from Jay set in Elwich with absolutely no problem and will be revisiting often to pick up on things I missed first time around.

Really want to get this onto the shelves and into people’s hands.

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