Jeff Noon, Steve Beard. Angry Robot Books. (400p) ISBN: 9781915202826

I’ve read everything that Jeff Noon has written but unfortunately don’t think I’ve read anything by Steve Beard and I was so looking forward to this coming out.

and wonderfully it doesn’t disappoint and will be searching out Steve’s work!

A world of different people’s who all seem to have come from space with a mixture of technology levels, abilities, and worldviews.

Gothic, steampunk, magic, technology, all mix together to give a wonderful world to explore and gives that world an epic feel with all the back story about its settling and development.

This epic feel doesn’t detract from the personal of the Juniper’s crew as they travel along the river Nysis, the length of the ghost dragon Faynr to help Brin recover from what ails her.

Each chapter builds on the last and each was a revelatory window into the weirdness of the world that they inhabit and how their relationships grow over the length of their quest.

Gogmagog was the last giant to inhabit Albion, but here it is a shadow dragon, full of poison and bile.

There was a lot of word play throughout, especially when Cady let forth with tirades of abuse, and this added a beat to the book that I really enjoyed and made me think of passages from Vurt and other of Jeff’s works.

The end left a lot up in the air though this quest through distance is definitely concluded and it makes me wonder where the quest will go next.

I received this from NetGalley for an honest review.

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