My Throat An Open Grave

Tori Bovalino. Titan Books. (256p) ISBN: 9781803367682
My Throat An Open Grave
My Throat An Open Grave

In an act of extreme shallowness I asked for this book from NetGalley on the basis of the cover alone!

Wasn’t totally sure what I was expecting but I’m willing to give most horror a chance.

This is light on horror but uses it to good effect when needed.

We’re introduced to a small town which is subjected to the rule of The Lord of the Woods, a mythical being who takes babies wh were offered to him due to a transgression of an ‘unpure’ girl, and the girl is tasked to seek out and return with the child.

Let’s just say all is not as it seems.

Got to admit it felt all a bit Labyrinth to begin with but as more was revealed and more characters added it moved past this (though a good folk horror take on that wouldn’t be shunned) and took on a life of its own.

An intriguing take on many a fairy tale and folk horror trope, the romance part was written well, as was the explanation (sort of) of the mechanics and rules behind the Lord of the Woods and the offerings.

I was expecting full on folk horror but got horror of a more human size, kept me gripped to the end.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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