The Cull. Volume 1

Kelly Thompson, Mattia De lulis. Image Comics. (136p) ISBN: 9781534397873
The Cull. Volume 1
The Cull. Volume 1

A visual feast from the get go, with stunning visual story telling supporting the text throughout.

We follow a group of five friends who go out for one last night of film making before separating for the start of their adult lives. But one has ulterior motives and these take the group through a portal into a fantastical world to find her lost brother.

They find themselves in a hub between universes where something has to be exchanged for their visit, where form is malleable, where good is accepted but pain isn’t, in this hub there is a transformation but not acceptance.

Absolutely loved the palette, both colours and mood that the author and illustrator were able to achieve.

There were some jumps of narrative that seemed a little rushed but other than that this was a great story.

There are twists aplenty, tension, betrayal, love, and the final few panels leave so much wide open and I’m so looking forward to the next installments.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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