Witchcraft: Library of Esoterica

ed. Jessica Hundley, Pam Grossman. Taschen. (520p) ISBN 9783836585606

Witchcraft: Library of Esoterica
Witchcraft: Library of Esoterica
I saw the whole of the Library of Esoterica in a bookshop window when I was down in London late last year and knew I had to have them, but I was running late for my train and almost forgot about them.

Later when people were asking me what I wanted for Christmas, I remembered them and just had to get them all there and then.

The first of the four I decided to read was Witchcraft, a hefty tome that has that beautiful heavy ink smell whenever you open it.

A beautifully illustrated book that works as a survey of how witchcraft has been depicted throughout different periods and styles in art, but also as a survey to the practice and development of modern witchcraft.

Full of interesting and informative essays that can be dipped in and out of when it takes your fancy covering all aspects of modern witchcraft and explaining the historic roots of the practice all the while being supported by amazing art.

Each of the essays are gripping and well researched, full of interesting detail and delivered so passionately.

It also explores the idea of witch in popular culture and the movement to rekindle ownership of the word witch, taking away the negative connotations that it has attracted and letting it become shorthand for strong, powerful and woman.

I was going to read this in short bursts but it was so good that I just had to read it from cover to cover, now got the other three read!

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