Black Hole Cinema Club

Christopher Edge. Nosy Crow. (240p) ISBN: 9781839942730
Black Hole Cinema Club
Black Hole Cinema Club

A small group of friends visit the local cinema for the regular ‘Black Hole Cinema Club’, where an unknown selection of films chosen at the cinema are to be watched over a day usually on a theme.

Lucas, Ash, Maya, Caitlin and Finn get sent into a completely new immersive form of cinema (4Di) where they are actually become central characters in the story and have to work to resolve the film before the final frame, but it is left hanging as to what will happen if they don’t.

Spy thrillers, adventures, monster movies, they have to solve them all.

As they go through each adventure Lucas finds himself ot fully immersed into the activity, nowhere near as immersed as his friends.

A brilliant concept which plays out well with a fantastic conclusion. Exploring friendship, trust, responsibility and sacrifice, this is another well-written and executed book from Christopher Edge.

I received this from NetGalley and Nosy Crow in exchange for an honest review.

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