Creative Writing with the Open University

I realised that my new goal on Ko-Fi was completely unrealistic, £30K+ for a camper van was just out of the realm of reality, it was great that I’d raised enough to get me this wonderful MacBook Air that I’m currently typing away on but 30 times that would be too much.

So I got to thinking about what I’d love to do if I had just a little bit more money than I can get at the moment.

I’m using the subscriptions to the Substack newsletter to pay for hosting and domain names for the various projects and a subscription to The Bookseller and I’m really appreciative of that extra to cover all those outgoings as bookselling is not the highest paid job in the world.

What I have been thinking about over the last few years on and off is that I’d love to do a Creative Writing degree with the Open University as I had a great time working through my Art History degree with them.

What has always put me off though is the steep rise in the cost of each 60 point course now, it used to be so affordable to study for the sake of it with them, now it is the same as everywhere else, and since this isn’t my first degree I can’t apply for a student loan.

On my current income I could probably save enough to do 60 points of study every three years and that is what I will be doing, but to add to this I’ve decided to put any monies that I get through Ko-Fi (donations, commissions, sales, or subscriptions) into the saving pot to see if I can get to study at one module a year.

So if you like what I do, fancy buying some of my gaming stuff, or want a tarot reading, or just want to help me on my way to studying why not pop over to my Ko-Fi and have a look.

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