The Honey Witch

Sydney J. Shields. Little Brown Book Group. (368p) ISBN: 9780356522524
The Honey Witch
The Honey Witch

Marigold remembers happy times with her Grandmother on the island of Innisfree which were cut short by memories of fire and chaos.

Years later living in the land of Bardshire Mari feels so out of place, a land of talents and gentry Marigold is nether but wants to run wild and be herself.

It is here that we discover that Marigold is a Honey Witch, as is her grandmother but which her mother didn’t want as to be a Honey Witch is to be cursed never to be loved, never to find your soulmate. Mari grabs the opportunity with both hands and this is where the adventure starts.

Another in my journey through the land of cozy fantasy, full of flowers, honey, friendship, and a world that accepts love for whoever you want to love, though chaperones are required no matter.

Well imagined world which is based on the duality of magics and that a Honey Witch who nourishes life should be paired with an Ash Witch who cleanses rot and decay to make the place clear for growth.

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the cottages and châteaux, the freedom that Mari really enjoys as she learns her powers, the different honeys and their uses, and the love that grows that is forbidden.

Slightly more perilous than my last cozy fantasy read, especially the descriptions of pushing against the curse and the build up to the end section, but still a cozy read with some really fun parts.

And it’s great that one of the characters is a tattoo artist as you don’t really see that in books much, and the use of the tattoos she did on herself was perfect, though it has made me want another tattoo.

A great little read and I’m really hoping that we get to visit this world at some point again.

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