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Emily Henry. Penguin Books. (384p) ISBN: 9780241995341
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I’m sorry, I’d disparaged romance writing for way too long without trying it again, really sorry.

Two friends keep telling me how good Emily Henry’s writing is and I just ignored them, but eventually thought I like these two people, they are intelligent, and usually have good taste. What have I got to lose?

Several hours of my life, that’s what? Several hours of my life in a really well written, engrossing love story, but also a story about loss, the need for control, family, friendships, misunderstanding, and trying to be true to yourself.

I got so invested in these characters straight away and was so desperate to find out where the various twists and turns of the story would take us, secrets coming out and a very passionate love affair is where it led, but it also led to people being far truer to themselves in the end and dreams being realised.

I’m really feeling these books where people are nice to each other (OK in the case of Nora in her own idiom) and where people fall in love and are happy.

Though I did think my preferred ending would have worked as well I was happy with the ending in the book, but then again my heart is black and scarred.

I loved this so much that Emily Henry is going to be an end of month reading treat as all her books are on the library app.

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