Daniel Warren Johnson. Image Comics. (250p) ISBN: 9781534327252

Really loved the title for this series and the cover art was intriguing.

Jonah and his alien friend Alphius are trying to keep their space trucking business going whilst trying to avoid the authorities as Jonah is a deserter and this forms a large core of the main story.

The whole of this collection though is taken up with bringing the disparate crew together, all with their own secrets and needs to stay hidden.

I loved the sparseness of the illustration style, used to great effect to portray the action throughout the story.

I also loved the nods to our own era in the form of Imperialism and racism, and how this effects interactions throughout the various character arcs.

A great space romp with lots of directions to go in as this was just the gang getting together storyline.

and yes I could see the reasons why it would be aimed at fans of Firefly and Cowboy BeBop.

I was given this by NetGalley and Image Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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