The World’s Most Atrocious Animals

Philip Bunting. Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. (80p) ISBN: 9780141371610

The World’s Most Atrocious Animals
The World’s Most Atrocious Animals
Another book I received from NetGalley in exchange for a review.

I’d already read Philip’s Ridiculous Animal book and really enjoyed the sense of fun in it balanced with some great illustrations and thought I would give this a go.

This is a fun book with really lively illustrations of the animals shown, small bite-size sections make it a really easy book to dip in and out of as well.

Each animal is given a feature illustration with lots of silly info around it, sometimes riffing on actual facts related to the animal, sometimes playing with the latin name of the animal “Nom Chompsky’ is a great example of one that is aimed at older readers.

Then alongside each animal is a section with real facts that give a great little snippet of information about the animals, enough to inform and wet your appetite for more.

Another great book from Philip Bunting and Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

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