The Details

Ia Genberg, Kira Josefsson (trans). Headline Publishing. (176p) ISBN: 9781035400584
The Details
The Details

This is now the third of the International Booker 2024 Short List I’ve read and they’ve all been great.

A short novella that packs a huge emotional punch through the fevered reminiscences about some of the people from the past who are important to the central character.

Ia Genberg’s writing is exquisite and this doesn’t feel compromised by the wonderful translation from Kira Josefsson which is a fantastic feat for such a sensitive portrayal of character and emotion.

Chopping and changing through different time periods the main character describes her relationship in intricate detail, exploring her emotional roller-coaster of a life with these people and how they influence her life and development.

Exploring love in its many forms from a friend who will always be there for her through to the maternal relationship that was fraught with her mothers anxieties and fears. This spans a gamut of personality types and really paints a picture of a real life with all its foibles.

This was an intense read that was so worth it, grab it if you can as it would be a worthy winner of the Booker (as would the other two I’ve read!)

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