Sabir Pirzada, Martin Morazzo, Vanesa Del Rey. Image Comics. (120p) ISBN: 9781534397545

I’ve found that everything I’ve received from Image Comics since restarting NetGalley this year has been great, and Dandelion is no exception.

A collection of stories set in a future where living pods that travel through the air have become the home of the homeless and unproductive, a place to be exiled and never allowed to return to earth.

In this world the pods are supplied and serviced by drones and the people in them are nationless and shunned.

One of my favourite episodes was titled ‘True North’ a story of hope tinged with great humour, but every story is worth reading.

Each story is nice and short, but though each episode is short they all pack a punch building up a world that we know could be ours in a near future, rather than using technological advances to better the world and lives of all, the rich use them to get richer and displace those deemed no necessary.

Each story is beautifull illustrated by several artists fitting the theme of the story perfectly.

I’d love this world to continue as it feels as though the place would be ripe with stories to tell.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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