Three Picture Books


Jonty Howley. Flying Eye Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781838741792

Cub tells the story of Magnus who has to go and live with his grandparents and is sad and unsure.

He is given a toy lion and is initially disappointed but as the story develops the lion starts to bring light and the ability to enjoy experiences back into Magnus’ life.

Lovely soft illustrations and the colour scheme is linked to mood, going from blues and purples to brighter and lighter colours the more Magnus opens up.

Lovely, sweet story of hope, family, and growth.

The Boy On Fire

Sarthak Sinha. Flying Eye Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781838741891

The Boy on Fire
The Boy on Fire
A gorgeously illustrated story about anger and how it can keep you separate from the world.

Til is always angry and that anger spills out everywhere totally uncontrolled even when they don’t want it to happen, which keeps feeding their anger. It leaves them isolated and frustrated until they can’t take any more.

It is here that Til finds someone similar with a lot of flame and heat in them but far more controlled, not hiding it but controlling it and showing the positive forms it can take.

Til learns the same control and is able to use this to become part of the life that they always wanted.

Love the blues and golds in this book about learning to take control of your feelings.

One Day On Our Prehistoric Planet… With a Diplodocus

Ella Baily. Flying Eye Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781838741426

One Day On Our Prehistoric Planet...
One Day On Our Prehistoric Planet…
A story about a young Diplodocus trying to find a herd in a day set on our prehistoric planet.

The latest in the ‘One Day…’ series this is as fun and informative as the others are.

At the front and back of the book you are shown pictures of various creatures and plants with the way to pronounce their names, and if you look you will find them throughout the book, a lovely little game to play.

Then you follow the day for the young Diplodocus, travelling through the prehistoric land in search of their herd, at the end of the tale there is a bit of peril which is quickly resolved as she find the herd.

I love this block print style and it really adds to the feel of the fun little story.

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