Indie Bookshops: Oceania

An A-Z directory of Independent Bookshops that we know of, eventually linked to an information page with addresses, websites and other contact information can be found below the Google map. If you know of any that we’ve missed could you please let us know using the Contact form.


  1. Abbey’s Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  2. Arcadia Bookshop, Australia [flag=nz]: facebook
  3. Arty Bees Books, Ltd, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  4. Atlantis Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  5. Avid Reader Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=au]: website
  6. Avenue Bookstore, Australia [flag=au]: website
  7. Beaufort Street Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  8. Better Read Than Dead, Australia [flag=au]: website
  9. Blarney Books and Art, Australia [flag=au]: website
  10. Book Hound, New Zealand [flag=nz]: facebook
  11. Books A Plenty, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  12. Books for Cooks, Australia [flag=au]: website
  13. Books for Kids, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  14. The Bookshop Darlinghurst, Australia [flag=au]: website
  15. The Bookshop at Queenscliff, Australia [flag=au]: website
  16. Browsers Quality Secondhand Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  17. Carson’s Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  18. Chapter Book & Tea Shop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  19. The Children’s Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  20. City Basement Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  21. Coventry Bookstore, Australia [flag=au]: website
  22. Dead Souls Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  23. Dear Reader, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  24. Elizabeth Arcade Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  25. Fairfield Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  26. Galaxy Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  27. Gleebooks, Australia [flag=au]: website
  28. The Green Dolphin Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: facebook
  29. Happy Valley Shop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  30. Hard to Find Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  31. Hedley’s Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  32. Hill of Content Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  33. Imprints Bookseller, Australia [flag=au]: website

  34. The Leaf Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  35. The Little Bookroom, Australia [flag=au]: website
  36. MacLean’s Booksellers, Australia [flag=au]: website
  37. Bruce McKenzie Booksellers Ltd, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  38. McLeods Booksellers, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  39. Matanaka Village Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  40. Matilda Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  41. Megalong Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  42. Metropolis Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  43. Mostly Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  44. Muirs Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website

  45. The Open Book, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  46. Page & Blackmore Booksellers, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  47. Pages & Pages Bookseller, Australia [flag=au]: facebook
  48. The Paperback Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  49. Pegasus Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  50. Piggery Secondhand Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  51. Poppies Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  52. Potts Point Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  53. Pulp Fiction Books, Australia [flag=au]: website

  54. Rabble Books & Games, Australia [flag=au]: website
  55. Readings Carlton, Australia [flag=au]: website
  56. Red Bookstore, New Zealand [flag=nz]: facebook
  57. Redrock Books and Gallery, Australia [flag=au]: website
  58. Riverbend Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  59. Sappho Books, Cafe & Bar, Australia [flag=au]: website
  60. Scorpio Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  61. Scribes Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: tripadvisor
  62. Shearer’s Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  63. Sun Bookshop, Australia [flag=au]: website
  64. Thesaurus Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  65. Time Out Bookstore, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  66. Unity Books, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  67. Volume, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website
  68. Westbooks, Australia [flag=au]: website
  69. White Dwarf Books, Australia [flag=au]: website
  70. The Women’s Bookshop, New Zealand [flag=nz]: website

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