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I thought I’d do an update page on a regular(ish) basis to remind myself of where I’m at with NetGalley.

This will keep me up to date with requests and reviews still to do.

I’m going to concentrate on children’s books, fiction and non-fiction with an eye to getting some books for the store, part of my monthly pick for our tables.

I will be getting some random stuff if it strikes my fancy, especially science fiction, horror, fantasy, and folklore and mythology especially if it has a twist to the tale.

Pending Requests


Approved Requests

  • Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes (published 15/09/22)
  • City of Last Chances by (published 08/12/22)
  • Apex Magazine 2021 by various (published 20/12/22)
  • The Swifts by Beth Lincoln (published 02/02/23)
  • Jayben and the Golden Torch by Thomas Leeds (published 02/02/23)
  • Wildsmith: Into the Dark Forest by Liz Flanagan (published 02/02/23)
  • The Sleeping Stones by Beatrice Wallbank (published 02/02/23)
  • Ravencave by Marcus Sedgwick (published 02/02/23)
  • The Song Walker by Zillah Bethell (published 02/02/23)
  • Wildblood by Lauren Blackwood (published 07/02/23)
  • The Stickleback Catchers by Lisette Auton (published 09/02/23)
  • The Aleister Crowley Manual by Marco Visconti (published 14/02/23)
  • Unquiet Spirits edited by Lee Murray and Angela Yuriko Smith (published 14/02/23)
  • The Thorns Remains by JJA Harwood (published 16/02/23)
  • Wilder by Penny Chrimes (published 16/02/23)
  • City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer (published 23/02/23)
  • She Is a Haunting by Trang Thahn Tran (published 28/02/23)
  • Elvia and the Gift of Passion by Ruthy Ballard (published 28/02/23)
  • Catfish Rolling by Clara Kumagai (published 02/03/23)
  • The Ten Percent Thief by Lavanya Lakshminarayan (published 28/03/23)
  • Tiny Fox and Great Boar Book Three by Berenika Kolomycka (published 04/04/23)
  • The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie by Yvonne Banham (published 06/04/23)
  • Missing You by Phellip Willian (published 11/04/23)
  • Written by Bec Evans, Chris Smith (published 18/04/23)
  • Small Worlds by Caleb Azumah Nelson (published 11/05/23)
  • Poetry as Spellcasting edited by Tamiko Beyer; Destiny Hemphill; Lisbeth White
    (published 16/05/23)
  • Footmarks by Jim Leary (published 01/06/23)
  • Chilling With Ghosts by Insha Fitzpatrick (published 15/08/23)


Last updated 25th January 2023

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