Month: February 2020

Q&A For A Bookseller

If you ever wondered where the image in the header comes from, here’s the answer. Part of my job is to welcome and talk to […]

28th February 2020

Around the World in 80 Trees

Jonathan Drori. Laurence King Publishing. (240p) ISBN 9781786276063 I was so privileged to receive a reading copy of Around the World in 80 Trees from […]

19th February 2020

The Living Mountain

Nan Shepherd. Canongate Books. (176p) ISBN 9781786897350 I’ve had The Living Mountain sitting on my shelf for about five years now and for some reason […]

17th February 2020


Toby Litt. Galley Beggar Press. (260p) ISBN 9781910296899 Wrestliana is a complicated book, on the surface it is a biography of Toby Litt’s great-great-grandfather William […]

14th February 2020