Tag: Book Review

The Man Who Planted Trees

Jean Giono, trans. Barbara Bray. Vintage. (64p) ISBN 9781784878016 I had to get this book as soon as I saw the cover and read the […]

11th March 2023

What Writers Read

edited by Pandora Sykes. Bloomsbury Publishing. (208p) ISBN 9781526657480 As soon as I saw this I knew I was going to love it and I […]

4th January 2023


Madeline Miller. Bloomsbury. (352p) ISBN 9781408890042 I was very late to reading this and never understood why, I had it on my bookshelf from the […]

11th April 2022


Dan Hanks. Angry Robot. (400p) ISBN 9780857669384 Let’s start this off with the fact that I’m a great fan of Angry Robot, they always seem […]

8th April 2022

A Madness of Angels

Kate Griffin. Little Brown. (496p) ISBN 9781841497334 I have several books I reread if I get into a bit of a rut and find myself […]

30th December 2021

Treacle Walker

Alan Garner. 4th Estate Books. (160p) ISBN 9780008477790 I preordered this the moment I heard that Alan Garner was releasing a new book, his take […]

18th November 2021

Ten Things About Writing

Joanne Harris. September Publishing. (320p) ISBN 9781912836598 Following Joanne Harris on Twitter is always worth it, supportive and enthusiastic about writing and the process, and […]

4th November 2021


William Gibson. Penguin. (416p) ISBN 9780241974575 I’m a huge fan of William Gibson (I’ve not got a collection of Neuromancer in different editions…) and am […]

29th July 2021