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Blogging and Social Media

Just had a week off work and putting out my regular newsletter and it’s given me time to reflect on how I want to use […]

11th March 2023

Walking Away from the Tabletop

It’s been 40ish years. I’ve been involved with tabletop gaming since the early 80s, leaving the working class area where I was brought up and […]

24th January 2023

Bookbinding with Angela James

Today was the day of the book binding course with Angela James at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton. I had been looking forward to […]

12th January 2023

Edinburgh Castle

Another note from my iPhone. I was in Edinburgh for the weekend working, and this was be the first time I’ve been alone in Edinburgh […]

11th January 2023

NaNoWriMo 2023

For years I’ve always found the thought of NaNoWriMo quite intimidating and was put off by the sheer amount of words that have to be […]

11th January 2023

Reviews vs. Ratings

There’s been a lot of discussion on Twitter lately on a lot of different things re. ARCs, positive reviews, book bloggers, and their intentions when […]

8th January 2023

untitled (barriers)

Went for a walk around Edinburgh Botanical Gardens a few winters back and was caught by how many plants were trying to press through the […]

7th January 2023

Micro 4/3 Camera

After owning a Full Frame Canon (5D Mk II) for a while, I felt that I was using my iPhone more often than not to […]

1st January 2023


“First coined by Marion Shoard, the term edgelands refers to those in-between spaces created by urbanisation where space for nature still persists alongside cities, towns, […]

1st January 2023